We never lose the thread. This is what ATAG is standing for and what we promise to our customers and our suppliers.
We guarantee quality, customer service and satisfaction based on a good relationship to our clients, because "Satisfaction does not come with achievements, but with efforts. Full effort is full victory". (Mahatma Gandhi)

Thus, we only represent reputable suppliers, all working in one track; supplying spare parts & accessories for spinning mills.
Since 1993 we are working successfully in the Spinning field, improving our sales and market strategies by following up the customer's needs and providing high quality products from original manufacturers.

Furthermore, we believe that not only technical expertise and support are the main services that an agent for the Spinning field should provide for the customers and suppliers, but also building up trust and a good relationship through frequent visits and follow ups with our clients.

Hence, our sales team is a mixture of young & dynamic, as well as experienced persons including Sales Textile Engineers located in Alexandria & Cairo, covering whole Egypt.
Moreover, we were professionally trained by familiar OEM like Rieter, Marzoli & Saurer. group.

Our mission:

If you don't have it, we will find it.